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40 n.sroad

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Hardware Abrasive Tools
Fasteners Anchors
Manufacturing & Processing... Apparel Machinery
Construction Material Making... Cement Making Machinery
Brick Making Machinery
General Industrial Equipment Air Cleaner Parts
Used General Industrial Equipment
  • 03322428637
  • 03322428637

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Company headquarters is based in India. stockist&dealer of brake liners,industrialbrakesoes,felts,springs,&supplier of all types of indutrialproducts. 40 n.sroad. ,stockiest of all types of pipe fittings,valves, steel wires,welding&safty equipments,all types of factory equipments... Company specialized in Hardware, Abrasive Tools.

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Cochin Spices is part of the ABf (Associated British Foods) group. The facility is certified for ISO and HACCP. In addition, the facility is certified "Excellent" by BVQI. The rpoducts are also certified Kosher. Backed by qualified Production and Quality Assurance staff, the company is able to adhere to the stringent requirements of customers from all over the world. The company is able to provide shipments of mixed products in a container load in order to minimise holding costs of the customers.

General Industrial Equipment

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Sarvoday Tiles industries

sarvoday tiles Industries is the tiles manufacturing unit engaged in the tribal area of district Bastar,situated at city Jagdalpur 300 kms away from capital Raipur at state chhattishgarh.The main products are:- mangalore tiles,(khapra) ridges (mogri),paver blocks(concreted),decorative terraccotta tiles for slab roofing tiles,mosaic tiles, cheqred tiles.

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Business Services

Manufacturing & Processing...

Construction & Real Estate

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choubey consultants

We are mumbai based company of ex marine chief engineers . We provide all marine related services to our worldwide clients. Since 2000 we are also engaged in sourcing and supplying spare parts as well as complete equipments such as engines, generators, air and air conditioning compressors, purifiers etc. We also supply safety and navigational equipments. We can supply used reconditioned as well as new spare parts which are sourced from scrapped ships.We are presently having purifiers of various make/models like Alfa laval, Mitsubishi, Westfalia etc in our stock. From the year 2000 we have been supplying engines,generators,(Yanmar,MAN, Daihatsu, Sulzer ) and spares,Turbochargers and spare parts,Purifiers and parts,Heat exchangers and plates,Hydraulic pumps and motors ( Fukushima, Norwinch, Mitsubishi,IHI ,etc), Remanufactured/reconditiones air conditioning & refrigeration compressors and spare parts ( Carrier H & F series, Daikin, Sabroe , Mykom etc). Presently we have in stock fully overhauled 8 nos 5H120 , 2 nos 5H120, and 4 nos 5H580 which we can offer you at a very good price.We can also supply most of other compressors as per your requirements. We hope we will receive your enquiries and we are hope that you will be satisfied by our services. Also we supply all spare parts ( original as well as OEM) for all engines,compressorss, purifiers at a very good prices. Please revert if you have any requirements.awaiting yr reply 

General Industrial Equipment

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S.B Engineering Works


General Industrial Equipment

General Mechanical Components

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Chemtex Speciality Limited

Chemtex’s GeneralPurpose RO Antiscalants are liquid antiscalants for RO membranesystems. Using these control inorganic scales of calcium, magnesium, barium, strontium,fluoride, iron and silica. It ensures above 80% reduction in scaling tendenciesif used continuously. Major Benefits are - Effectivescale inhibition, High recovery rate, Low chemical dosage, Cost Effective, EffectiveIron fouling control by sequestration, Reduced frequency of membrane cleaning, Compatiblewith all types of membranes, Completely organic and biodegradable, Excellentthreshold inhibitor of alkaline earth scales, Excellent crystal distorter, Consistentproduct quality.

Business Services

Manufacturing & Processing...


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